How to prepare your horse hair to send to Gemosi.

Horse Hair Bracelets

In order to make a beautiful horse hair bracelet that is unique to you and your horse, we need a minimum of 12 -14 inches length of tail hair and total hairs to give at least a pencil width in thickness. Please note that for our Aurora bracelet we require hair to be a little longer, approx 15-16 inches length due to the slightly more complex weave.

If you are choosing a longer bracelet size of up to 8 inches, we will need the full 14 inch length of hair. Within any taking of a horse’s tail hair there will inevitably be some shorter hairs that we will not be able to use, so the wider the hair sample you send us the better. This will ensure that we can choose the best and most beautiful hairs from your horse’s tail from which to make your bracelet.

Horse Hair Necklaces

Cara and Trinity necklaces – As the length of the braid of your horse’s hair is much shorter for our horse hair necklaces than any of our horse hair bracelet designs, we only need a length of approximately 6 inches and about ½ of an inch width of hair. However, if you are interested in our bundled offer of a Cara or Trinity horse hair necklace and Spirit bracelet bought together from the same horse’s tail hair, we need a full 18″ length of hair and 1/2″ wide to enable us to make the braid for the two designs at the same time and so available of this great offer price.

Eternity necklace – As the Gemosi Eternity necklace is made with a long weave of your horse’s hair, we need approx 25 inches long of horse hair and about ½ of an inch width of hair to work with. The length of the horse hair chain we create will be approx 18 inches. If you would like a longer or shorter horse hair chain, please let us know and we will do what we can.

How to prepare the hair and where to send it:

Once you have taken the hair from your horse’s tail, secure it at one end with a rubber band. Wash the hair thoroughly with human or horse shampoo, but do NOT use any sprays, such as mane and tail conditioner. Please just wash and rinse thoroughly. Please note that hair received that is dirty and unwashed will incur an additional €15 washing fee.

Leave the hair to dry before placing in a ziplock bag in an envelope, together with a note detailing your name and the order number from your online purchase receipt, together with any other special requests and post to the address below.

Prospect House
Co. Dublin
K67 T8P5

It is advisable to send this tail hair recorded delivery to ensure that it does not go missing in the post. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we receive the hair. Once designed and finished, your bracelet will be sent to you in a beautiful presentation box recorded delivery.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about how best to take hair from your horse’s tail or are taking the hair to make a surprise gift for a loved one and are looking for some advice, please drop us an email or give us a call on +353 87 8568638 – we’d be delighted to help. And if the hair is from a horse that is no longer with you, please let us know what you have and how you would most like to remember him or her and we will do our best to make something unique for you.