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We are thrilled to partner with My Lovely Horse Rescue in the creation of our charity, ready-made horse hair jewellery collection. My Lovely Horse Rescue (MLHR) do fantastic work around Ireland, rescuing and caring for horses in desperate need of food, warmth, veterinary assistance and a lot of TLC.

25% of the sale of every piece from our Gemosi charity collection goes directly to MLHR to help them continue their fantastic work. Each piece is ready made from tail hair trimmed from the gorgeous horses and ponies rescued by the MLHR team, so you can wear your chosen piece with pride, knowing that not only do you have a beautiful piece of Gemosi horse hair jewellery, but that you also are supporting a fantastic cause and helping horses in need.
If you are lucky enough to have your own horse and would like a piece custom made from your own horse’s tail hair, browse our custom made horse hair jewellery collection.