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When my horse Halcyon Days – known as Hally to his friends – passed away in early 2007, a big chunk of my life disappeared. We’d spent 15 years together – training, competing and generally having the kind of fun that little girls dream about when they dream of having a horse. Hally really was a bit special. A horse with enormous talent and a massive personality, he was always there when I needed him and his time to leave me came far too early and was more painful than I could ever have imagined. That’s the one bad thing about having animals – they will undoubtedly leave us some day.

I kept some of Hally’s tail hair, but it took me several years to bring myself to take it out of its safe place and look to have something beautiful made with it. And when I did, I ran into stumbling blocks. I knew what I wanted, but I struggled to find a company that I felt could make a piece of horse hair jewelry beautiful enough for my Hally. That’s when I met Laura.

Laura Whelan is a professional jewelry designer with an abundance of talent and who shares my love for horses. Together we researched and sketched designs for horse hair jewelry, always focusing on quality, elegance and ensuring that the beauty of the horse’s hair would shine through in each and every piece. As my Hally had already put his name to my other company – Halcyon Days – I needed to create a new name in his honour and that came from his niece – Gemma. Gemma has done everything from dressage to three day eventing to show jumping and she now continues Hally’s bloodline, having bred 2 foals so far with a third on the way in 2014! So, as you can imagine, Gemma is very precious to me. She’s an absolute gem, precious as a diamond and her name inspired Gemosi, which was officially launched in early October 2013.

Whether you want a part of your precious horse close to you all day long, or if the sad time has come when a special horse is no longer in your life, a piece of custom made horse hair jewelry is the perfect way to capture this precious connection and the love and beauty your horse has brought to your life. Laura and I have also created our Gemosi readymade collection, for those of you that love horses, but are not fortunate enough to have one in your life right now.

Each and every piece in our Gemosi horse hair jewelry collection is expertly handmade and finished with finest quality sterling silver findings, with a beautiful selection of sterling silver beads or Swarovski crystals available throughout our designs. It takes several hours to make each Gemosi horse hair bracelet or necklace as Laura prepares the hair to perfection, choosing only the finest and most beautiful tail hairs to ensure that every piece captures the unique beauty of your own horse.

From here we hope to expand our collection to create keepsakes for all pet lovers and to make the Gemosi level of quality, beauty and attention to detail available to animal lovers everywhere.


Jenny Doran, founder of Gemosi


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