Gemosi Harmony Horse Hair Bracelet with silver heart
Each and every piece in our Gemosi horse hair jewellery collection is expertly handmade in Ireland by Laura, our professional and expert jewellery designer and it takes several hours to make each bracelet or necklace as your horse’s hair is prepared to perfection.

We individually select each and every hair that goes into your creation, with only the finest and most beautiful tail hairs chosen. Each strand of your chosen weave is then meticulously prepared before the weaving begins, to ensure an even and seamless finish and the highest quality horse hair jewellery.

All our weaves are finished to the highest standards. The classical 4 strand weave of our Spirit bracelets results in a beautifully elegant round design, while the intricate 5 strand weave of the Harmony bracelet looks wonderfully delicate, yet possesses all the strength of your horse’s tail hair. Our distinctive Solace bracelets use a sophisticated Kumihimo weave which works wonderfully with or without added silver beads.

Each and every piece we create is then finished with finest quality sterling silver or gold filled findings. We offer a beautiful selection of sterling silver beads or Swarovski crystals throughout our designs and the quality of our work ensures that your piece of jewellery is of the highest quality and captures the unique beauty of your own horse.

Our readymade horse hair jewellery collection, made from hair trimmed from our own horse’s tails, is finished to the same exacting Gemosi standard as our custom collection and makes for a wonderful gift for those who love horses, but who may not be fortunate enough to have a horse in their life right now.

So far we have made horse hair jewellery for customers in Ireland, the UK, Italy, Spain and South Africa. We love creating each and every piece and we are sure you will love the finished result.

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