I would like to send the hair of two or three horses – how does that work?

We can make a bracelet from hair from a single horse, or from 2 or 3 horses. As each piece is custom made from your own horse’s hair, we can weave your bracelet from the hair of one, two or three of your beloved equine friends. If you are sending hair from two or more horses, please secure the hair from each horse with a separate elastic band before sending. We will then contact you via email upon receipt of the hair to discuss how you would like the braid to be finished – with each hair type as a separate strand in the braid, or with the different hair types mixed together within each strand.

I love horses, but have no horse of my own. Can I still buy a piece of Gemosi horse hair jewellery?

Yes, absolutely – AND you can help save horses in need at the same time! Our Gemosi charity collection is ready made from tail hair trimmed from the gorgeous horses and ponies rescued by our charity partners – My Lovely Horse Rescue. 25% of the sale of every piece from our charity collection goes directly to MLHR to help them continue their fantastic work. So you can wear your chosen piece with pride knowing that not only do you have a beautiful piece of Gemosi horse hair jewellery, but that you also are supporting a fantastic cause and helping horses in need.

My horse has a very thin tail and I don’t think I can get enough hair. Can I send mane hair instead?
No. Unfortunately mane hair is too thin and fine to be suitable for Gemosi’s braiding processes. If your horse has a very thin tail we suggest instead that you either

  • Check out our mane hair pendant necklace. We created this design for just this purpose, so people who only have mane hair can still have a beautiful piece created.
  • If you would really like to have a Gemosi bracelet made from a horse with a very thin tail, collect the hair over several months, gradually building up enough hair to send to us.
  • Cut only a couple of strands of hair at a time, ensuring that each piece taken is a minimum of 12 inches in length. This will preserve any shorter hairs in your horse’s tail that are unsuitable for use anyway and allow them to continue to grow rather than cutting one larger bunch at one time.
  • Another good alternative is to use the tail hair from several horses.

Can you return any unused hair?
Of course, but please specify that you would like us to return any unused hair with your finished bracelet at the time of ordering. Simply state this in the ‘Order Notes’ field at checkout when placing your order.

What length will my bracelet be?
To make the order process quick and simple, we ask you to select the size of bracelet that best suits from our drop down list, ranging from 6.5 to 8 inches, in half inch increments. If you would like a different size for your bracelet please contact us before ordering and we can discuss your requirements. Please note that the size indicated includes the clasps, so is the total circumference of the bracelet when fastened. To help you choose the right size for your bracelet, either find an existing bracelet that is already the perfect fit for you and measure the complete length of it when laid out flat on a table. Alternatively, take a piece of string and hold it around your wrist to the tightness you would like your horse hair bracelet to be. Then simply measure the length of this string. Remember – please tell us the length you want your bracelet to be, not the size of your actual wrist. Please note that we cannot resize bracelets once they are made.

Can I get a piece finished with gold, white gold or platinum instead of sterling silver?
Yes. Please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you.