All pieces of Gemosi horse hair jewellery are extremely well made by our expert jewellery designers and are finished with fine quality sterling silver findings. However, horse hair is a delicate thing and must be cared for properly to ensure your horse hair bracelet lasts for many years to come.

It is advisable to keep your Gemosi horse hair jewellery dry. Avoid showering or swimming (or bathing your horse!) whilst wearing it. Avoid using soap while wearing it.

Please be aware that wearing other pieces of jewellery next to your Gemosi horse hair bracelet could snag the hair from your bracelet. Should this happen, simply push the hair back into the weave as best as possible, or cut it off carefully with a small scissors.

Should your Gemosi horse hair bracelet need to be repaired, please contact us.

We use sterling silver findings in our Gemosi horse hair bracelets which should be cleaned with a polishing cloth.

Should you need to wash your Gemosi jewellery, use a mild shampoo, taking care not to wet the silver ends and without pulling forcefully on any of the hairs. Do not use any oils or conditioners.