Gemosi to support My Lovely Horse Rescue

My Lovely Horse RescueEquine welfare is very close to our hearts here at Gemosi. Being passionate horse lovers, the equine welfare crisis that has developed in Ireland horrifies us. Every day we hear of new cases of neglected, abandoned and abused horses and we want to help those wonderful charities and people who work tirelessly to help care for horses and ponies in need.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with My Lovely Horse Rescue in the creation of our charity, ready-made horse hair jewellery collection. The team at My Lovely Horse Rescue do fantastic work around Ireland, rescuing and caring for horses in desperate need of feed, warmth, veterinary assistance and a lot of TLC. 25% of the sale price of every piece from our Gemosi charity collection goes directly to MLHR to help them continue their fantastic work.

If you love horses, but are not fortunate enough to have your own horse right now, a piece from our charity collection is perfect for you. Each creation is made from tail hair trimmed from the beautiful horses and ponies rescued by the MLHR team, so you can wear your chosen piece of jewellery with pride, knowing that not only do you have a beautiful piece of Gemosi horse hair jewellery, but that you also are supporting a fantastic cause and helping horses in need.

If you’re a Father Ted fan, the name of this charity may stir your curiosity. The wonderful Cathy Davey and Neil Hannon are patrons of My Lovely Horse Rescue. Neil co-wrote and sang “My lovely horse” in that legendary Father Ted episode “A song for Europe”. We firmly believe that all horses are lovely and that every horse deserves love, care and attention to their fundamental needs. We are proud to play a small part in the wonderful work they do.

My Lovely Horse Rescue
The team from My Lovely Horse Rescue at Electric Picnic in 2013, with the charity’s patron Neil Hannon.