Helping the Brooke Share U Care campaign

We absolutely adore horses here at Gemosi – big ones, small ones, bay ones, grey ones… and everything in between. We think donkeys are pretty fab too and it breaks our heart to hear of horses, donkeys (and all animals for that matter) suffering needlessly.

The Brooke Share U Care

The Brooke are a fantastic organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world’s poorest communities. By provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and wellbeing they help prevent the needless suffering of countless horses, donkeys and mules across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We’re delighted to support The Brook in their ‘Share U Care’ campaign. The Brooke want to hear the story of your horse or donkey this Christmas. Tell why a certain horse, past or present, is so dear to you, or about a donkey who has been a loyal companion and you could win some fantastic equestrian prizes, including some vouchers for our Gemosi horse hair jewellery! Stop by The Brooke ‘Share U Care’ app on their facebook page now and share your story, or vote for the ones that touch you the most. A few already have us reaching for the tissues…