Valentine’s Day – how to sidestep the mainstream while retaining the romance

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You may have barely recovered from Christmas and memories of New Year Eve parties may not yet have faded, but it’s already time to start planning ahead for the next big day when you have the opportunity to show the one you love, just how much you love them.

Valentine’s Day gifts for horse lovers

Horsey ladies are generally quite easy to buy for. If you own a horse, you’re always in need of something – thermal gloves to keep the frost bite at bay, a new saddlepad to replace the worn out one that has been washed so many times you can’t remember what colour it is actually meant to be, or perhaps a new rug as the unfortunate fact is that your current one just isn’t going to make it through another year? But just how romantic is a saddlepad, even a fancy one with a half wool lining? And Valentine’s is all about the romance…

Let’s face it, us horsey ladies would tend to consider ‘mainstream’ romantic Valentine’s Day gifts as a bit of a fool’s errand… the big box of fancy chocolates just means that the ambition of fitting back into our skinny breeches come show season after the excesses of Christmas will be pushed even further into the future and flowers…what can we say…a new waterproof jacket would be far more useful!

So, if you’re looking for something really special this Valentine’s Day to show someone who loves horses just how much you love them and want to sidestep the mainstream while retaining the romance, few gifts could compare to a piece of Gemosi horse hair jewellery, handmade for them from the tail hair of their own horse.

How to get what you want this Valentine’s

Ladies, if you want to hint to your man that a piece of Gemosi Horse Hair Jewellery could earn him some serious brownie points come February 14th, here are a few suggestions on how to hopefully get the point across…

  1. ‘Borrow’ his ipad to quickly check out the ‘what’s on’ calendar of your local show centre and leave this page open in his browser
  2. Share this page on facebook, twitter or pinterest and subtly comment ‘what a lovely idea!’ That’ll surely get the point across?
  3. Do as 1 above, but set his home page to It may sound extreme, but he’ll surely thank you for it in the long run!
  4. Tell him how your friend received a gorgeous Gemosi Horse Hair bracelet from her boyfriend for Christmas and what a beautiful, romantic gift idea it was?
  5. Failing all that (as we know that most men pay as much attention to hints for Valentine’s Gifts as they do to the judges’ comments on your last dressage test), simply tell him outright that you’d love a piece to honour your horse by as sometimes being subtle just doesn’t cut it. And, let’s face it, do you really want to end up with another big bunch of flowers wilting on the sideboard?

Custom made Gemosi Horse Hair Jewellery is expertly made to the highest standard by our professional jewellery designer – Laura Whelan, using fine quality sterling silver finishing.  Choose from several different designs, with optional crystal or sterling silver beads to make this an extremely special Valentine’s Gift. Several of our designs are perfect for Valentine’s gifts, including the Eternity horse hair necklace with its beautiful sterling silver heart toggle, the Harmony horse hair bracelet with its stunning open sterling silver heart or our ‘Amor’ horse hair bracelet, with its gorgeous solid sterling silver heart.



Gift certificates are also available which are a great option if you run out of time to get a custom piece made in time for Valentine’s Day, or if you feel that you can’t collect your loved one’s horse’s tail hair without giving the game away!

How and when to order

To have a finished piece of custom horse hair jewellery delivered to you in time for Valentine’s Day we must receive your order and horse hair by the 2nd of February.

Love horses, but don’t have a horse?

If you love horses, but are not fortunate enough to currently have one in your life, you need not be disappointed. We have of a range of stock pieces made from the tail hair of our own beautiful Irish horses, with jet black, rich chestnut or beautiful silver grey colours to choose from. Please contact us with your heart’s desire and we will be back to you by return to let you know what we currently have that you will love.

All that’s left to say is Roll on the day of love and Happy Valentine’s!