Valentines gifts for horsey men


To buy a romantic Valentine’s Gift for a man that they will love and treasure and that will not become resigned to the bottom drawer in the bedside cabinet can be the holy grail of gift shopping. And while horse riding is predominantly a female-oriented past-time (research shows that up to 80% of horse riders are women), there are still many men out there that love their horses as much as ladies do!

The benefits of a horsey man…

If you have a boyfriend, partner or husband that loves horses, we think you should count yourself lucky, for many reasons…

  1. You’re unlikely to have to endure long months where soccer is the only thing allowed on TV
  2. If you are also into horses, he will have stuff a lot more interesting than power tools and sweat socks for you to borrow
  3. He won’t care about the ‘un-lady like’ state of your car
  4. You’ll always have someone at the yard to put fences up for you
  5. Regular late-night sessions in the pub are far less frequent with early mornings in the yard taking priority…

If can think of any more advantages of your horsey man, we’d love to hear them! Please share them with us and we can add them to our list and so feel even more jealous (unfortunately none of the ‘other-halves’ of the Gemosi team are horsey…)

Do men really wear jewellery?

While horsey men generally want to avoid looking like something from a hip hop video, our Gemosi Horse Hair Jewellery designs have really captured the heart of some horse-loving men out there, hence the reason for this blog post. Three of our designs in particular have proved extremely popular gifts for men – our Spirit horse hair bracelet, our Solace horse hair bracelet and our Harmony horse hair bracelet. The simple elegance of these designs allows the beauty of his horse’s hair to shine through, without any added un-manly bling. Quality sterling silver fastenings ensure that these pieces are treasured by men who love their horses and are not afraid to show it. If you are lucky enough to have a horsey man in your life, doesn’t he deserve a very special gift this Valentine’s Day?

Gemosi Spirit horse hair bracelet
Gemosi Spirit horse hair bracelet in rich chestnut

How and when to order

To have a finished piece delivered to you for your man in time for Valentine’s Day, we should receive your order and horse hair by the 2nd of February. Click here for details of how to prepare the horse hair.

Gift certificates are also available which are a great option if you run out of time to get a custom piece made for him in time for Valentine’s Day, or if you feel that you can’t collect the horse’s tail hair without giving the game away. Or maybe, if you’re not horsey yourself, you’d rather not be going near the back end of his horse?!

He loves horses, but doesn’t have a horse?

If your man love horses, but is not fortunate enough to currently have one in his life, you can still give him the really special gift of a horse hair bracelet. We have of a range of pieces in our ready made horse hair jewellery collection made from the tail hair of our own beautiful Irish horses, with jet black and rich chestnut proving the most popular colours with men. Please contact us and we can let you know by return what we currently have that your man will love.

If you have any questions at all, we’re always here to help.

Roll on the day of love!

Image: Love Card by digitalart