Want a little bit of a great British Equine Icon?

Ted Clydesdale and Sally

We’re fundraising for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and we have partnered with the RBST, Sally Anne Oultram and Ted Clydesdale himself to offer you the opportunity to bid for something really special – a beautiful Gemosi Spirit Bracelet, made from Ted’s own tail hair!

The Story of Ted

Ted is a stunningly beautiful Clydesdale horse who was saved from the horrors of a horse auction by Sally in October 1998 when he was just a young foal. Sally’s love for Ted had saved him from certain death as he was extremely ill when brought back to Sally’s farm in Cheshire, but thanks to her love and attention he was gradually nursed back to health and as grown into the magnificent Clydesdale horse he is today.

Ted inspired Sally and her daughter Camilla to write a children’s book called ‘The Story of Ted’. The book is a traditional story that follows Ted on a series of exciting adventures in the Cheshire Countryside.

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

The Clydesdale breed is on the RBST Vulnerable list for equine breeds. Through their immense dedication and larger than life personalities, Sally and Ted have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the RBST and their fantastic work in preserving rare breed livestock. Sally is Equine Ambassador for the RBST and was recently named the NFU Countryside Equine Champion, an award she richly deserved for her heartfelt dedication to this wonderful cause.

Be in Harmony with Ted and place a bid for his beautiful bracelet.

We are proud to have been asked to make a bracelet from Ted’s tail hair by Sally and are delighted to offer this to help raise funds for the RBST. We have received some of Ted’s beautiful tail hair, given it a good wash (as you can see from the picture below, Ted is enjoying life to the full now in the Buckingham countryside!) and it will be made into a beautiful Harmony bracelet and finished with an elegant sterling silver clasp. Sally chose the Harmony design because she felt this would suit his tail hair the best, with its striking white streak through the centre.

How to bid

The bracelet is being auctioned by Sally through a silent auction with sealed bids. If you would like a little piece of Ted delivered to you in time for Christmas, please email Sally with the bid you would like to make at sally.oultram@yahoo.co.uk. Or stop by Ted’s facebook page and send Sally a message.

The auction will close on the 14th of December and this unique piece will be delivered in a beautiful gift box to the successful bidder in time for Christmas.

Click here to see a picture of the finished Ted Clydesdale bracelet.

ted getting a hair cut